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Sydney Hampton

Health and Wellness has been in my blood since I was little. All it took was a fitness inclined father telling me that a Coke can clean a car battery. From there I was set on the goal of keeping my body as healthy as possible.

Being a high school and collegiate track athlete helped keep me in a healthy mindset. By fueling myself properly, I was able to perform at my highest level. I wanted to not only help myself, but others as well, so I earned my Bachelor’s in Exercise Science.

Soon after I finished college, I felt that I needed more in order to be a well-rounded fitness individual, so I began working towards my Nutritional Therapy certification. I learned what the body needs in regards to macronutrients as well as vitamins and minerals, and how to tailor that to a person’s specific needs. And yet, there was still more to the Health and Wellness puzzle, so I flew down to Costa Rica where I studied massage therapy.

The body needs balance, strength, nourishment, relaxation, and flexibility. Exercise, nutrition, and massage all work together. This is why I am at GoGirl. GoGirl understands the balance. And GoGirl reaches out to the people who struggle with the idea of health the most, women.

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