College Students Need Exercise More Than Ever

When you think about cafeterias, computer desks, libraries and lecture halls, what do they all have in common? They are all places where college students spend a significant portion of their day sitting around and not moving.

Even though studying will burn off your mental energy, your mind and body both need exercise to keep them in optimal shape. With school gym class no longer a requirement, students don’t feel the need to get up and do anything. Not to mention, their parents aren’t there nagging them to do something about it. So, the question looms, how do you lose weight and stay in shape while going to college?

What exactly is it that your body needs?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that exercise is important for your overall health. If you were to ask Thomas Jefferson, he would be the first to tell you that you cannot be successful academically without taking time to exercise every single day. You cannot sacrifice your health just for the sake of learning. If you want your mind to be strong, your body has to be strong as well.

Studies have been done on the relationship between exercise and your mind. Students who spent three days out of the week exercising were far more likely to have an increased sense of happiness and overall physical health than individuals who never exercised. While the benefits of exercising might not come the minute you are done with your routine, they will come down the line by being committed to your health.

Of course, you don’t need to spend two hours every day exercising just to reap the benefits. If you can get up and moving for 60 minutes most of the days during the week, your body is going to look and feel amazing. Jogging, walking briskly and swimming are all ideal for improving your cardiovascular health and boosting your heart rate. Exercise is great for lowering stress and your blood pressure.

Women who engage in activities like running or walking will reduce their chance of getting osteoporosis later on in life. Beyond improving your health, you will also notice that you feel better about yourself. Your new-found sense of confidence will help you to participate in class more and embrace social and academic situations with ease.

Just because others are sitting around and doing nothing at college, that doesn’t mean you have to. Get up and start exercising to keep your mind and body healthy. By joining a regular gym class, you can start reaping the rewards and meeting a whole new group of people with similar goals in mind.

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