Exercise and the New Mom

If you are expecting, or have recently given birth, you might have some weight that you want to lose to get your body back. This can be hard if you have just given birth because finding time to exercise can be difficult with a wailing baby who needs attention. Regular exercise and a healthy, sensible diet is the best way to slowly lose weight right after birth.

Benefits of Regular Exercise

Regular exercise can help tone your body and help strengthen your muscles again. It can also get your body to the point it should be if you want to eventually continue with more strenuous exercises. Remember to start off at a slow pace, and when your body gets used to exercising again, you can always add more to your workouts. You may also want to ask your doctor about any type of postnatal exercises since some doctors recommend waiting until after the six week check-up to do any types of exercises.

Some types of postnatal exercises may include swimming, yoga, Pilates, walking briskly, riding a bike, light weight lifting, or even aerobic workouts that are low impact. Postnatal exercises can help with firming your body, weight loss, conditioning your lower abdomen muscles, improving your sense of well-being, and even improving your overall mood and mindset. Walking a lot after giving birth is a great way to start getting your body into shape, and you can even bring your newborn along!

What You Can Expect from Exercising

Most of the changes that your body has gone thorough during pregnancy will go back to normal within a six-week period. This is when most mothers begin to exercise again. If you have been exercising during your pregnancy, you may be able to start back up again sooner, but if you have not been exercising, it can take longer for your body to feel ready to exercise again. It is also a great idea to stock up on exercise DVD’s in case you want to stay home and relax, but get your daily workout as well.

Exercise should not hurt. If you are feeling discomfort or pain, immediately consult your doctor and stop your exercises right away. Once your baby settles into a daily routine, you can obtain more time to get your body back to being fit again.

You can exercise with a friend or partner to keep you motivated, and you can exercise for ten minutes at a time at first if you are still getting back into the swing of things. You can even do some exercises while sitting in the car, standing, or breastfeeding, such as tummy and pelvic floor exercises. Have some fun with it!

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