10 Tips for Staying Fit During the Holidays

The Holidays are fast approaching and it is easy to add a few extra pounds. Here are some ways to help you balance the unhealthy choices with some healthy ones.

Exercise in the Morning – When you exercise first thing in the morning, you will have more energy and just feel better. Even a quick 15 minute cardio session in the morning is a great start.

Bring Healthy Dishes to the Party – Sure, you will be tempted by the green bean casserole, the stuffing with gravy and the chocolate pie, but opt for healthier recipes to wow the guests with. Let the internet be your tool and just search “Healthy Holiday Recipes” You will be surprised by what is out there.

Make Sure You Eat! – Don’t go all day without eating in hopes to be able to enjoy bigger helpings of the “good stuff”. Make sure you eat small meals throughout the day so you stay balanced; but remember portion control.

Skip the Gravy and Fatty Dressings – You can still enjoy all that the holiday dinners have to offer while making healthy choices. Try cutting down calories by avoiding the gravy and fatty dressings.

Fill Your Plate With Veggies – Load up on the vegetables. Instead of getting double servings of the infamous stuffing, have extra vegetables. Your waist line will thank you for it later.

Get Outside and Get Active – Instead of hanging around watching TV, insist that everyone enjoy some outside time. Bring out the badminton or cornhole games. It will help to work off some of those dinner calories!

Drink Water – Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. This will help you not feel as hungry later.

Limit Alcohol Consumption – Sure a drink or two isn’t all that bad. Just make sure you drink plenty of water in between. Some alcohol contains a lot of calories; especially the indulgent mixed drinks.

Add Spices To Your Food – Spicy food helps boost your metabolism. Try adding some red pepper flakes or hot sauce to your food.

Download a Fitness App – There are so many helpful apps out there to help you keep track of the foods you are eating and your exercise habits. Some even give you healthy recipes and workout plans.

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