How to Stick With New Year's Fitness Resolutions

January is an incredibly busy time of year for fitness studios everywhere. Many fitness studios see as much as a 25% increase in members during the month of January. Often times, around mid-February, things go back to normal due to failure to follow through with New Year’s resolutions. If you are looking for ways to stick with your fitness resolutions, here are some helpful tips.

Make Resolutions Manageable – Many people say “I am going to lose 40 Pounds by February!” or “I’ll have abs of steel by March!” The reality is that resolutions shouldn’t be a fantasy. If you set goals that are unmanageable, chances are you will set yourself up for disappointment. The key is making smaller, more gradual changes. Eventually, you will build up your stamina and be able to reach your goals.

Give Yourself Incentives – Each time you reach a goal like walking a mile within your goal time or doing 100 squats consecutively, treat yourself to something. Choose a reward that won’t reverse your hard work. Go get a massage or a pedicure. Buy yourself some new clothes. Treating yourself can help you reach your milestones faster.

Keep Things Interesting – If you are going to be exercising four or five times a week, you need to think beyond the treadmill. When you limit yourself to one or two pieces of equipment, it won’t take you long to get bored. Try a yoga class or spinning. The more variety you add to your fitness routine, the more fun it will be and making you more likely to stick to it.

Keep A Schedule – Managing your time is incredibly important when it comes to accomplishing goals. Research has shown that exercising early in the morning tends to work best for most people. It is important that you make your fitness routine work for you.

Buy Workout Gear – If you are serious about fitness, invest in a good pair of tennis shoes. Maybe get a yoga mat and some new workout clothes as well. These things can improve your confidence and get you excited about going to the gym. It is also important that the clothing you are working out in is breathable and comfortable.

Stick to It – It takes time for a new activity to become a habit. It isn’t going to happen overnight so it is important to be patient and persistent. If you slip every once in a while, don’t beat yourself up over it. You need to take it one day at a time and do the best you can every day.

If you put these tips to use, you are sure to find success in a new fitness routine. Another thing to consider is that if you are working out regularly, you need to be eating better too. Treating yourself to unhealthy foods is not going to help you reach your goals. Trade in your favorite snacks for healthier options. New Year’s resolutions are a way for us to find things that help us improve ourselves. Don’t stress yourself over resolutions. Instead find ways to help yourself stay on track.

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