Beach Fitness!

A great advantage of living near the shore of North Carolina is the large number of beaches that can be reached in a short drive.  Each beach has its own atmosphere, from relaxed and calm to crowded and hectic.  No matter what beach you prefer to go to, you can take advantage of the sand on the beach to improve your fitness level.   Adding beach workouts to your routine will allow you to enjoy all the beauty of nature while working on your balance, strength, and cardiovascular health.   Following are some exercises you can do on the beach; just bring a towel and drinking water!   You can see demonstrations of these exercise here: Beach Fitness Exercises

  • Sand sprints.   Start with a walking warm-up at a relaxed pace to get your blood flowing to your muscles.  Once you are warm, alternate fast walking or running intervals with slower walking intervals.  Try to count to 30 during each exercise to keep your intervals the same length of time. 

  • V-Up.   Work on your abs by starting on your towel,  lying on your back.  Extend  your legs toward the sky and out into a V position.   Clasp your hands together and bring your torso off the towel as you move your hands between your knees. 

  • Side Shuffles.   Increase your heart rate and your coordination by adding side shuffle drills to your workout.   Standing sideways to your target location,  bend your knees slightly and shuffle to the side.  Once you reach your target location, return to the start leading with your other leg.  

  • Push Ups.   Lying face down on your towel,  place your hands underneath your shoulders or slightly wider.  Keeping your knees on the towel, straighten your elbows fully until you are in a push up position.  Lower your nose almost to the towel and repeat.   Once this exercise feels easy, keep your knees off the towel as you perform the push-ups. 

  • Squat or Squat Jumps.   The soft sand is a great place to perform jumping exercises if you do not have bone or joint problems.    Starting with your feet slightly more than shoulder width apart and your hands laced behind your head, bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Once there, power through your legs to jump up as high as you can.   Not wanting to jump?  You will get great benefit in your lower body with performing the squats without the power move.

                While exercising outdoors, stay safe by wearing sun protection and staying hydrated.   Stay aware of how the sand creates an instable surface, and focus on keeping your ankles safe and protected during your workouts. 

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