Wilmington, N.C.- Personal Trainer for Women Discusses Why You Don't Have to Exercise Everyday

Okay really, though. How much should you be exercising?

With the copious amounts of information out there regarding exercise and nutrition it’s no wonder we all have our own opinions as to the answer to this question.

As a women’s fitness and nutrition professional I am here to tell you that most of the women who reach out to me for help have an exaggerated idea of what needs to be done to make a difference and reach their goals.

*Disclaimer* I am not dismissing the undeniable fact that exercise is a vital part of living a long, productive and healthy life. Period.

However, I am dismissing the idea that you must kill yourself in the gym 6-7 days a week to get results. In fact, I am taking it a step further by proposing that this inflated sense of what needs to be done to see improvement in your body and your health is exactly what sets you up for failure.

The reality is, if you can manage to get 30-40 minutes of combined cardio and strength, even at a moderate intensity (think power walk and bodyweight squats), you are going to make massive strides towards your goals. Couple that with following a balanced diet that incorporates lots of colors and textures (natural…I’m not talking about Cheetos here) and you’ve got yourself a recipe for improved health all around.

In the new research published in JAMA Internal Medicine, they found that how often a person exercises might not make a difference in determining how long a person lives. The research goes on to point out that in their survey of more than 63,000 people, those who said they exercised only one to two days a week lowered their risk of dying early by 34% (compared to 30% inactive).  While this is awesome news to find out we do not have to spend hours a day in the gym to lower our risk of premature death, it’s even more awesome to find out that those who said they exercised most days of the week lowered their risk by 35%.....a very small difference.

What’s the take away from all this?

It’s that exercise can be enjoyable. Maybe even fun!

It can be a power walk on the beach.

It can be a swim.

It can be a bike ride with the family.

It can be a quick 15-minute workout video.

It can be surfing, paddle boarding, tennis, a dance class, pickle ball…..

If you are looking to make exercise a regular part of your part of your lifestyle then take comfort in knowing that it can absolutely be something that you enjoy and believe it or not, even look forward to.

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