Women's Fitness Expert in Wilmington NC Reveals 6 Strategies for Breaking Exercise Boredom

    Exercise Boredom.....And What You Can Do About It

Do you ever find yourself completely bored with your workout routine? Like if you have to do one more minute of that same old routine you might keel over and croak. I know I certainly have. What I have learned over the years is that you must constantly be switching it up in order to stay engaged. That's why I have put together 6 guaranteed strategies to help you break your exercise boredom and redefine your relationship with exercise.

1. Grab a workout buddy.
Whether it’s with a friend, family member, or significant other, working out with a partner can not only help us squeeze in a workout, but it may also inspire us to work harder. But not just any workout buddy will do. Getting our sweat on with someone we think is fitter than we are can increase how long and how hard we work out by up to a whopping 200 percent!!


2. Add interval training to your routine.
Slow and steady doesn’t win the race to fitness. Beat boredom, save time, and up the calorie burn from your workout with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Studies show that just three sessions of sprint interval training can be as effective as five longer, more moderate exercise sessions. Just in case you didn’t catch that, you can exercise less while getting better results with this style of training. 


3. Get outside.
There’s plenty of reasons to get your fitness on outdoors: the fresh air, the scenery. Past research shows just five minutes of sweating outside boosts our mood, self-esteem and our energy. It can make us feel more revitalized and positively engaged, and help us cut back on tension, anger, confusion, and depression. Pretty solid for breathing some life back into a tired workout routine…..Ditching the gym never felt so good.

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4. Enlist a trainer
Sometimes, we all need a little extra help in the 
motivation department. And who better to give us a boost—and maybe even some much-needed tough love—than a professional? In fact, studies show having a personal trainer supervise a workout makes for a more intense session—and better results. Even better, working out with a trainer also seems to improve future workouts: People who have worked out with a personal trainer are more likely to lift heavier weights and think they’ve worked out harder while exercising on their own than those who have always hit the gym alone.


5. Play a game.  
Avoid boredom and burnout by adding some playful fun to your routine. Consider signing up for a race, joining a local team, or trying alternative workouts like 
surfing on dry land and aerial yoga. And for on-the-go workout inspiration, check out the latest fitness apps — they have an app for just about everything now adays!


6. Combine Exercise With Your Favorite TV Program


Although I am a proponent of taking the time to dedicate to yourself without the stress and distractions of our everyday lives, getting in a quick cardio session or rounds of weight lifting reps while watching your favorite show is a good strategy for ensuring you meet your exercise needs. I have my weight set in my living room and when I am bored, I knock out a few strength exercises and maybe even some planks. Honestly, it barely feels like exercise and I often get zoned in on some show and next thing I know I am done with a workout, quick and pain free. Everyone I know makes some daily time for TV so why not get some exercise in during that time? 


Regardless of how you decide to break your exercise rut, I strongly encourage you to do it today! Life is too short to not enjoy the amazing benefits of staying active and healthy. It does not have to be some insanely hard workout, it just has to be movement folks. And if you feel you need extra motivation and or accountability, then give us a call at 910-508-5080. We would be glad to help you break the rut once and for all.

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