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At GoGirl Fitness Studio, we provide the guidance and healthy habits coaching you need to restructure your lifestyle and learn how to properly fuel your body with our Nutrition Classes. Nutrition program assistance is included with every personal and group training package, but it’s also offered as a service if you’re looking for a way to create lasting change.

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We offer Balanced Habits KICK START and The LIFE program to teach local women how to start eating healthy and how to maintain those habits for life. 

Create Nutrition Goals With Balanced Habits KICK START

Three times per year, thousands of people across North America simultaneously participate in the KICK START – a 28-day structured nutrition program geared toward weight loss. The program is so successful that it has been adopted by hundreds of gyms throughout North America.

And you could lose 12 to 24 pounds in just 28 days!

This comprehensive nutrition program teaches you how to eat correctly so you can reclaim your health, regain your confidence and keep your independence. GoGirl Fitness Studio works with women over the age of 45 in the Wilmington area that are looking to lose weight quickly, safely, and permanently.

The Balanced Habits KICK START orientation + a Balanced Habits certified food coach right here at GoGirl Fitness in Wilmington

Here’s what to expect:

  • Weekly progress assessments and food coaching
  • Balanced Habits approved recipes, grocery lists, and weekly menus
  • Weekly cardio sessions with other challengers in Wilmington Join now to start this 28-day nutrition program and exercise guidance from one of our certified food coaches.

The LIFE Program

Women often transition from the Balanced Habits KICK START to our one-on-one nutrition program, The LIFE program. The 6-month program leads you on a long-term path to a lifestyle change. GoGirl Fitness Studio will help you reinforce and expand on the habits learned from The KICK START and apply them to a program designed specifically for you.

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At GoGirl Fitness, we like to call our nationally accredited nutrition program "personal training for nutrition" because it does not promote fad diets or gimmicks.

Improve your health and gain back your self-confidence with our Nutrition Classes at GoGirl Fitness Studio in Wilmington. For more information, simply fill out the form on the right side of your screen and we'll take care of the rest!

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