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It’s Time for a Girl’s Night Out!

The GoGirl Community has been going through a lot of changes this summer.

We’re not talking about changes at the studio or changes in the schedule.

We’re talking about changes in our lives.

We’ve had several members that have sold houses, bought houses and even some that have done some major reconstruction on their houses.

We’ve had a couple members that have had new grandchildren, found out they were expecting new grandchildren. We’ve had a couple members that have gotten new pets.

Pandora has gone through a very big life change herself, she finally got her long sought-after divorce! Plus, her birthday is on August 28th, she is turning 42 this month! She’d love to celebrate her big life changes with you. She is extremely grateful to have all of you in her life to help empower and uplift her during big life moments.

Remember, strong women build each other up.

GoGirl Fitness Studio is filled with some of the strongest women we have ever known. YOU!

It’s been a big summer of change. Change can be a very empowering tool in your health and wellness journey and that is something to celebrate!

Which is exactly why we want you to do just that. Come out and celebrate with us. We’re overdue for a Girls Night Out and it is time to have a little GoGirl Fitness Studio Fierce Female Empowerment Party.

Let’s get together, share what has been going on it our lives and embrace all these changes by celebrating them together.

Here’s the details:

When:  Thursday, August 30st, 7:30pm

Where: Felix Café at Monkey Junction

5226 College Rd, Wilmington, NC 28412

Here’s what we need you to do:

1. RSVP and let us know that you plan on attending.

2. Let us know what change we can celebrate for you. We’re creating a list, so we don’t miss anyone.

Email your RSVP & celebration to pandora@gogirlfitnessstudio.com

3. Show up!

That’s it!

Remember, change is inevitable and in order to achieve change, we have to be willing to accept and embrace change.

Let’s get together and celebrate change! We can’t wait to see you there!

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