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GoGirl News

Girl’s Night Out – Fierce Female Empowerment Party

It’s Time for a Girl’s Night Out! The GoGirl Community has been going through a lot of changes this summer. We're not talking about changes at the studio or changes in the schedule. We're talking about changes in our lives. We’ve had several members that have sold houses, bought houses and even some that have done some major [...]

LiquaCel Protein – Product Review

LiquaCel Protein Product Review By Pandora Williams - GoGirl Fitness Studio General Manager / Head Trainer As a runner I am always looking for great new products to take with me on runs to refuel. Many of the products you’ll find marketed to runners include astronomical sugar contents or contain sugar alcohols that can mess with your [...]

The Art of Living the 80/20 Lifestyle

The Art of Living the 80/20 Lifestyle By Miller Hales - GoGirl Fitness Studio Trainer Let's talk about the living the 80/20 lifestyle y'all. Growing up I had a very active lifestyle; playing every sport my parents would let me, climbing trees with all the boys in my neighborhood, and being outside every opportunity I could. Well, [...]

Things You Should Know About Online and Remote Training Programs – Part 2

Introducing the GoGirl Fitness Studio Online Training Programs versus Remote Training Programs – There is a difference. Online Training Programs can easily mean that the trainer you’re employing has an exercise library, workout demonstration videos and workout design template that they are sending you exercise programs from. Programs like this usually include a 6-8 exercise workout sheet that [...]

Things You Should Know About Online and Remote Training Programs – Part 1

Introducing the GoGirl Fitness Studio Things you should know about online and remote training programs Finding a personal trainer is easy; walk into any fitness facility in your local area and you’ll find it staffed with a personal trainer eager and ready to sell you 30-60-minute personal training sessions. If the fitness facility isn’t still in the [...]

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