Group Training

Our Group Training classes are designed to help you reach your goals with fun workouts and accountability. 

gogirl fitness studio group training

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Workout with like-minded people while seeing results from our successful, fun classes, run by a top level personal trainer. 

With GoGirl Group Training, you to get the personal training you want; just in a group setting.  We modify or intensify your exercises based on your needs.  What’s important is that you get the workout you need for your fitness level and your fitness goals!

With Group Training, we take the price of a personal trainer and allow you to share it among others. This gives you the benefit of support from other woman with the same goals as you. You are a team, all part of the GoGirl Community! Even though you are sharing a trainer’s attention, at GoGirl we want to ensure that everyone’s needs are being met. We still want to be able to reach each and every participant, so we limit class sizes to 10.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is a group effort; it takes commitment from you and your trainer.  Group fitness adds another component of having like-minded women joining you on your fitness journey!

Class Times:

Monday-Thursday: 6am-11am & 2pm-5pm
Friday: 6am-11am
Saturday: 8am-11am


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At GoGirl Fitness Studio, we are dedicated to help you achieve the results that you desire. Whether your goal is to get fit or stay fit, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

“A friend told me about GoGirl Fitness Studio, but I thought I did not want to be a member of an all-women’s gym. BUT GoGirl fit the bill from the start by providing me with the challenging small-group training I wanted! The skills and talents of their instructors are top-notch, the workouts have great variety and always help me to push my personal limits, and the nutritional traning and workshop are phenomenal.”   – Erin P.

gogirl fitness studio group training