Introducing The Studio
Introducing the GoGirl Fitness Studio
GoGirl - Introducting the Studio

Inside Our GoGirl Studio

Here at GoGirl Fitness Studio, you won’t find a lot of noisy machines and huge classes.  What you WILL find is a fun & supportive atmosphere that will help motivate you to achieve more results than you would on your own. We call ourselves a studio instead of a gym for a reason.  Our studio offers a small, clean environment that allows you to come and work out in comfort without distractions. We ONLY offer personal training. Avoid all the spectators and distractions of a larger gym. Our focused personal environment allows for better results in a shorter time.

We get it, working out takes effort. That’s why we pay extra special attention to adding lots of variety to our work outs so they stay interesting and fun. We offer the coaching and accountability you need to stay fit or get fit with a community of women that supports you every inch of the way.

Our studio is designed to encourage a homey, comfortable atmosphere. We want you to feel welcome here and exercise with friends. We motivate each other by offering support and friendly competition.  We don’t yell and scream at you during workouts; we encourage you and show you how to do it. We’re not drill sergeants barking orders at you, we’re your biggest cheerleaders, encouraging you to find the fun in fitness and figure out how fitness fits you and amplifies your fitness goals.

We have fun while working hard!  So here you’ll see us in our element: exercising, having fun, and supporting each other. Come join us!

GoGirl Fitness Studio In Action

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