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LiquaCel Protein Product Review

By Pandora Williams – GoGirl Fitness Studio General Manager / Head Trainer

As a runner I am always looking for great new products to take with me on runs to refuel. Many of the products you’ll find marketed to runners include astronomical sugar contents or contain sugar alcohols that can mess with your stomach, something you just don’t want at mile 7 to mile 9 of a long run day.

I’m a protein focused eater. Being able to get calories back on board as fuel during a long run or long cardio session workout that are packed with protein is always a plus.

These great little packs are perfect for just that. 90 Calories, 9 Carbs, 0 Sugars and 16 grams of protein is a no brainer solution to typical runner gels for me.

These little protein packs can either be used straight out of the pack like a runner gel or then can be added to a water bottle and diluted down to get that energy in while hydrating. Either way it’s 16 grams of protein for 90 calories.

I usually recommend a 10 to 1 protein ration to my clients. When looking for viable protein snacks you want to try to get 1 gram of protein for ever 10 calories you are consuming. At 16 grams for 90 calories these little LiquaCel protein packs have over a 1.75 to 10 protein ration. That is amazing!

My favorite flavors include Watermelon, Lemonade and Peach Mango.

I keep these little gems on hand at the studio all the time for clients that might need a little fuel boost, who didn’t eat enough before their workout or who might start to show signs of glycogen depletion or for bariatric surgery patients that experience retroactive hypoglycemia during a workout.

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