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GoGirl Resolve Remote Training Program

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Are you seeking exercise opportunities that improve your physical and mental toughness with other fun challenging likeminded individuals? Look no further than remote group training sessions offered by GoGirl Fitness Studio.

Struggling to achieve weight loss, fight re-gain and take your life back from Obesity is never easy. But it can be easier. We are stronger together. Having the guidance of a Certified Personal Trainer that has been on the other side of obesity and working out with others facing the same struggles that you are adds motivation and a comfort level that you don’t find anywhere else.

That is why we created GoGirl Resolve – a special program for those effected by the disease of Obesity and then hired Obesity Rebel Pandora Williams to lead the charge. With GoGirl Resolve you will never feel like out of place, out of your league or worry that you are working with a trainer that doesn’t understand your fitness level or exercise modification needs.

GoGirl Remote TrainingWith GoGirl Resolve Remote Training you don’t have to worry about the discomfort of walking into a gym that is full of people that are already fit, because your training sessions take place in the comfort of your own living room. Thanks to our high tech remote training video equipment, our Personal Trainer can flawlessly deliver your workout while observing you at home!  Our   65″ remote training monitors insure that our trainers can see if you are  performing exercises correctly and safely.  We are also able to modify or intensify exercises as needed to help you meet and exceed your fitness and weight loss goals.

Our remote group training classes are designed for those seeking accountability who enjoy the comradery of others when they work out. Since it is offered outside of the studio, this is the ONLY program that is open to men as well.

Get the Coaching and Accountability you Need to Meet your Goals

Sometimes, it’s not about fitting into smaller clothes, it’s the desire to live healthier, keep up with family, or find a community that support you. You get that at GoGirl. When you register for group training we will perform an individual fitness and nutrition evaluation and learn about your goals.

Based on your assessment, our team works to address your resistance training, cardiovascular activity, and nutrition. Our fitness expertise allows us to design one-of-a-kind remote group training programs that get you results. Plus, working with others increases morale, pushes you to get results faster and have fun.

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GoGirl Fitness Studio has various training programs. We meet with most clients 2 to 4 times per week for 60-minute training sessions. In addition to our group remote training session, we also offer our weight loss coaching program, GoGirl Resolutions remotely to help you improve your eating habits in the kitchen, while we reform your body in the gym. Hurry! We only accept 10 new remote group fitness clients per month.

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