Semi Private Personal Training
Semi Private Personal Training
GoGirl Semi Private Training
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Are you seeking exercise opportunities that improve your physical and mental toughness with other fun challenging women? Look no further than semi-private personal trainer sessions offered at GoGirl Fitness Studio!

Work together with like-minded people while seeing results from our successful, fun classes, run by a

top level personal trainer. Our semi private training sessions are designed for women seeking accountability and who enjoy the support of other women when they work out.

Our semi- private personal training plans are available for those who want to work in a very small group. The maximum amount of participants is 5.  This allows you to have that personal touch at an affordable price.  The small group setting insures that we can still modify or intensify your workout based on your physical needs, fitness levels and your fitness goals.

Semi private training plans also allow our clients monthly assessment appointments in a effort to help ensure that your exercise program is progressive and challenging. Semi Private clients have the opportunity to meet with a trainer once per month in a private one hour setting for the purposes of fitness and body composition assessments. This allows us to make certain that we are tracking progression in weight and intensity of our clients exercise program as well as tracking body composition data to help insure that our clients are meeting their fitness, health and wellness goals.

By choosing to have semi-private training sessions, the cost is significantly lower and you still get most of the benefits you would receive with 1×1 training. You will be with a small group of women who just like you, that are trying to get fit or stay fit!

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