Wilmington’s own Leslie Talbott founded GoGirl Fitness Studio in 2013. As the founder and chief empowerment officer of one of the city’s premiere, women’s only facilities, Leslie decided to open the studio shortly after making a life-changing decision. At a young age, she struggled with her self-esteem. After battling depression and a lack fulfillment for nearly a decade, she realized it was time to make a change – for herself and those around her.

The one thing missing from Leslie’s life at the time was a dedication to her health and well being. Her mother often encouraged her to honor both her body and mind through nutrition and exercise. On one fateful day, Leslie cast away the negativity and the self-doubt and decided to make that commitment to herself. She put her health and happiness above all else and started following a new diet coupled with a fitness regimen.

The outcome was simply amazing.

In 2017, Leslie passed the baton to Pandora Williams.  Pandora is a walking success story.  After a life changing loss of 260 pounds, she committed herself to helping women get healthy and stay healthy.  Whereas Leslie’s motivation stemmed from her relationship with mother, Pandora’s stemmed from a relationship with her father.   She brings her own brand of enthusiasm to GoGirl Fitness Studio and has innovative ideas that she is implementing.   Pandora is a certified trainer and uses her wealth of knowledge to promote exercise and healthy eating habits for women at all fitness levels. She often says that fitness fits everyone; it just fits everyone differently!  Thus, you can be sure that here at GoGirl Fitness Studio, you will be welcome no matter where you are in your fitness journey.  Pandora is not only a personal trainer, but also a motivational speaker.  You can learn more about Pandora at www.pandorawilliams.com.

Hundreds of women have benefited from this innovative studio. Why not give GoGirl a shot? You never know the difference one day can make.