The GoGirl Story
The GoGirl Story
The GoGirl Story

GoGirl Fitness Studio offers personal training to women of all fitness levels. Our mission is to provide safe, affordable and fun fitness programs that empower women to take control of their heath and wellness in a judgment free, community oriented fitness environment.

GoGirl Fitness Studio was opened with accountability in mind. It’s a place where women can gather to exercise and support each other.  Attending sessions weekly helps with staying on track.  Knowing that you are missed when you are not there helps with holding both yourself and others accountable.

Here, accountability is just what we expect from our clients; we expect it from ourselves as well.  We are accountable to provide you with quality personal training. We are accountable to make sure that you are doing the exercise correctly to prevent muscle strain or injury.  We are accountable to design a quality workout.  Those are some of the things Leslie Talbott had in mind when she opened the studio.

GoGirl Fitness Studio was founded in 2013.  The goal was to be one of the city’s premiere, women’s only facilities.  The concept was relatively new: only offer personal training and offer it to women only.  Instead of being another gym, the objective was to stand out from among the crowd.  Leslie Talbott decided to open the studio after shortly after she realized it was time to make a change – for herself and those around her.

The studio moved from it’s original location on Wrightsville Ave to it’s current location and continued to flourish. In 2017, Beverly Okenyi was looking to make an investment and Leslie was looking to move out of town.  She has worked in challenging corporate America for more than 20 years so she knows about business and management. Beverly has lived in Japan as a teacher, worked in the banking industry, and transferred several times with her current employer.  Thus, purchasing this business was a natural culmination. Her management expertise works well with Pandora’s personal training ability.  Although Pandora struggled with her weight since childhood, Beverly’s story is a bit different. She was not an overweight child and didn’t start gaining weight until her adult years. She met Pandora in Wilmington and worked with her because of their reciprocal experiences.  Beverly realized that she could not give up the fight and continued to work with her personal trainer.  Pandora never made her feel ashamed when the weight wouldn’t come off. Thus, Beverly wanted to help other women who strive to get fit and stay fit. The plan was to reach out to the Wilmington community so they also feel comfortable.  Thus, Beverly bought the business and hired Pandora as her office manager and head trainer.

Pandora is a walking success story.  After a life changing loss of 260 pounds, she committed herself to helping women get healthy and stay healthy.   She brings her own brand of enthusiasm to GoGirl Fitness Studio and has innovative ideas that she is implementing.   Pandora is a certified trainer and uses her wealth of knowledge to promote exercise and healthy eating habits for women at all fitness levels. She often says that fitness fits everyone; it just fits everyone differently!  Thus, you can be sure that here at GoGirl Fitness Studio, you will be welcome no matter where you are in your fitness journey.  Pandora is not only a personal trainer, but also a motivational speaker.  You can learn more about Pandora at

Hundreds of women have benefited from this innovative studio. Why not give GoGirl a shot? You never know the difference one day can make.

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