Finding a personal trainer is easy; walk into any fitness facility in your local area and you’ll find it staffed with a personal trainer eager and ready to sell you 30-60-minute personal training sessions. If the fitness facility isn’t still in the dark ages they’ll likely offer you small group personal training or semi-private personal training, sessions that allow for somewhere between 4-10 attendees at a time sharing the cost of the training over the course of the hour. This is how fitness facilities are making personal training affordable in today’s economic market.

Since personal trainers are so easy to come by you might be asking yourself why you would consider hiring an online personal trainer and doing your personal training remotely?  You might be wondering if you can get the same quality and intensity out of a remotely delivered versus one that is happening in the fitness facility you would normally frequent.

If these are the first questions that come to mind when considering buying into an online or remote training program, read on, I’m about to tell you the 1 of most important things to consider regarding online and remote personal training programs. I will follow up with part 2 next month.

  1. Personal Training should be personal!

This should be the governing philosophy of all fitness professionals. But unfortunately, that is not always the case. Many personal trainers let their concept of fitness rule their program design and their client’s workouts.  Your fitness program should fit your needs, both physically and emotionally.

Your relationship with your personal trainer should feel personal and you should feel like they have your best interests in mind every time you attend a session. You’re likely to find two very important things about trainers that provide online services. First, they typically service their population rather than sell to it. Secondly, their client base knows them, loves them and trusts them.

These are two very important elements to consider when hiring a personal trainer. Are they there because they really want to help you reach your goals, or are they there to ONLY make money?

Hiring a personal trainer that provides their services online allows you to hire a personal trainer that has the specific experience, expertise, personality and training style that you are looking for rather than leaving you shelling out your hard-earned money to whatever personal trainer your local fitness facility has hired to meet the needs of their target population.

If you’ve ever hired a personal trainer that prescribed you exercises way beyond your fitness level and seemed completely unaware of your fitness capabilities, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Hiring a trainer that provides online training allows you select the trainer you really want rather the trainer that is available.

While that might be the most prevalent reason to select an online training program, there are other key important things to know about and consider before you click that “buy now” button.  We’ll go into more detail next time. Stay tuned!


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