Online Training Programs versus Remote Training Programs
– There is a difference.

Online Training Programs can easily mean that the trainer you’re employing has an exercise library, workout demonstration videos and workout design template that they are sending you exercise programs from. Programs like this usually include a 6-8 exercise workout sheet that provide you with exercise demonstration videos. You preform the workouts on your own whenever your want too.

The benefit to these online training programs is that you can get exercise prescription that is targeted to your needs and fitness level and you don’t have to be present and accounted for at a specific time of your day and can preform your workout whenever it is convenient for you.

The draw back to these online training programs is that you do not have the in-person, on the scene guidance in exercise execution to ensure that you are performing the exercises safely and correctly. You don’t have the trainer there to provide instant feedback on form, or to modify or intensify the exercises based on your abilities and your correspondences with the trainer can often be limited to email access only.

Remote Training Programs resolve this issue for you by allowing you to hire the trainer you want and conduct your workouts remotely using internet-based video chat software.

The benefit to these remote training sessions is that the trainer is right there with you during the entire workout. These types of training sessions still embody the personal aspect of personal training. Some trainers provide this service in the form of both one on one sessions, semi private sessions and small group sessions and your price points will vary accordingly.

That price point can however be one of the major draw backs with remote training programs, you pay for that personal aspect and remote training sessions are typically more expensive that online training programs.

Another factor to consider regarding remote training sessions is that you can be limited by session time availability. Remote training sessions that happen in semi-private or small group environments are typically only offered at specific times. One on one remote training sessions are limited by mutual time slot availability, both you and the trainer you want to hire must be available at the same time of day. This can be an issue for you if the trainer you want to hire is in high demand or if you are operating out of different time zones.