Group Personal Training
Group Personal Training
GoGirl Group Personal Training
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Here at GoGirl Fitness Studio, we believe exercise should not only be fun and enjoyable, but also affordable.

As our General Manager, Pandora has often said in her motivational speaking presentations, “Fitness has to fit you. It has to fit you emotionally, physically and financially.”

See at GoGirl, we know two of the biggest obstacles people face in their journey to health and wellness is being able to budget to very valuable assets- money and time.

This is exactly why we stress the fact that we take the price of a personal trainer and allow you to share it among others. This also gives you the benefit of support from people with the same goals as you. You at a team, all part of the GoGirl Community.

Even though you are sharing a trainer’s attention, at GoGirl we want to ensure that everyone’s needs are being met. We still want to be able to reach each and every participant, so we limit class sizes to 10.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is a group effort; it takes commitment from you and your trainer.  Group fitness adds another component of having like-minded women joining you on your fitness journey.

Group training allows you to get the personal training you want; just in a group setting.  We still can modify or intensify your exercises as necessary.  What’s important is that you get the workout you need for your fitness level and your fitness goal.

Contact Us Now and Get Your First Week of Group Training Free
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