About GoGirl

GoGirl Fitness Studio offers personal training to women of all fitness levels. Our mission is to provide safe, affordable and fun fitness programs that empower women to take control of their heath and wellness in a judgment free, community oriented fitness environment.

Here at GoGirl Fitness Studio, you won’t find a lot of noisy machines and huge classes.  What you WILL find is a fun & supportive atmosphere that will help motivate you to achieve more results than you would on your own. We call ourselves a studio instead of a gym for a reason.  Our studio offers a small, clean environment that allows you to come and work out in comfort without distractions. We ONLY offer personal training and group fitness programs. Avoid all the spectators and distractions of a larger gym. Our focused personal environment allows for better results in a shorter time.

About GoGirl Fitness Studio

Inside the Studio

Our studio is designed to encourage a homey, comfortable atmosphere. We want you to feel welcome here and exercise with friends. We motivate each other by offering support and friendly competition.  We don’t yell and scream at you during workouts; we encourage you and show you how to do it. We’re not drill sergeants barking orders at you, we’re your biggest cheerleaders, encouraging you to find the fun in fitness and figure out how fitness fits you and amplifies your fitness goals.

We have fun while working hard!  So here you’ll see us in our element: exercising, having fun, and supporting each other. 

Meet Our Trainers

The GoGirl Fitness Studio is all about women empowerment through promoting healthy lifestyle habits. We strive to provide knowledge and education to the women that we work with. Those who join the GoGirl Fitness Team will be paired with an educated and knowledgeable trainer to ensure you never feel misguided when it comes to your fitness and health goals.

The GoGirl trainers are here to make sure that you get the most out of your time by making sure you perform every exercise safely and effectively. We are there beside you to help you reach your personal health and fitness goals. 

You deserve to feel empowered. Take the leap and join us in this journey towards improving your health.

Morgann Swan



I’m Morgann and my fitness journey started for fun in high school while playing multiple sports and it turned into my passion when I became a full-time student athlete at the state university of Cortland in New York. I began training clients and interning with strength and conditioning coaches while earning my BS in Kinesiology.

My focus is primary one-on-one personal training in addition to teaching small group classes, kids camps, corrective exercises, mobility work, and nutritional guidance! My goal is to help you feel your happiest and healthiest all while enjoying the process.




I’m Mariah, I was born in New England and recently found my new home here in Wilmington. Fitness has been a part of my life since an early age and quickly became a passion of mine through high school and college. I received my Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from the University of New Hampshire, and through that education, I found a deeper passion for health and wellness which led me to becoming an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, and most recently, an ISSA Certified Nutrition Specialist.  

My focus is 1-1 personal training, small group classes, and nutrition and habit coaching. My goal as a coach is to educate and empower those that I work with to discover their potential and take control of their health and fitness.

Matt Johnson | Owner of GoGirl Fitness

Matt Johnson


Hi, my name is Matt Johnson. My fitness journey started about 20 years ago as a developing multiple-sport athlete. At the time, I played for fun not knowing that it would lead me to where I am today. Although sports still play a very large role in my life today I still have to stay physically active outside of them to enjoy them and stay competitive. I hold a BS in Exercise Science, ACE certified personal trainer, and hold other fitness related certifications. I am dedicated to helping others begin their fitness journey with a positive and enjoyable interaction.

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