Miss Dolores

Start Weight: 225 Current Weight: 165 Total: Weight Loss 60lb.

I have loved every moment of watching Miss Dolores learn to look at “What if?” differently. When considering joining my challenge she asked me, “What if I don’t lose any weight?” – I looked at her and asked, “What if you do?” She is a perfect example of what you believe you achieve. Tell yourself you can’t do something and you won’t. Believe in yourself and be determination to achieve your goals and you won’t be saying I can, you will be saying I did. Let’s Celebrate Miss Dolores! 60lb. of success! 60lb. You’ve lost the equivalent of over 5 house cats! I know you love cats so I thought you might find that statistic fun. Miss Dolores started working with me in August of 2016. Dolores has participated in one of my 12 week weight loss challenge programs and my Weight Loss Boot Camp ( Small Group Personal Training Sessions ) at Wilmington Lady Fitness. Miss Dolores’s start weight was 225lb. She has lost a total of 60lb. WAY TO GO DOLORES! I believe in celebrating the successes in your weight loss journey. Each step to a healthier and happier you is monumental one that should be celebrated. Let’s celebrate Miss Dolores! Thank you for allowing me to be part of your Transformation and part of your weight loss journey.

Way to go Miss Dolores! 60lb. Of hard work and dedication pays off! \O/

What Miss Dolores Says:

When approached by Pandora about taking part in the 12 week weight loss challenge, my first response was to say no.  For over two decades, I had struggled with hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalances, and a sluggish metabolism.   No matter my effort, I could not lose weight.  I had come to a place that I thought being obese was going to be my journey.  I went to the gym faithfully and I tried to eat “right.”  I even started attending Pandora’s boot camp classes and while the weight stayed the same, I felt stronger and had fewer aches and pains. I am a positive person and did not want to do anything that would change that. So to join a challenge and be the person who did not lose weight….not certain I wanted to face failure again.

Pandora encouraged me to think it over and to join the challenge for all the information/knowledge I would gain.   I considered a few things in making my decision to join the challenge:

  • I have always promised myself that I would never give up on being a healthier person and would take advantage of opportunities to improve my health.
  • I should view this as a challenge with myself and not compare my success to anyone else’s.  Any change I achieved would be a win!
  • Pandora knows her stuff.  She has walked the weight loss journey, and I can trust her.

I committed myself to the challenge determined to give it my best effort.  I would attend the sessions and do what was asked of me.  I would not make excuses to fail, but make decisions to help me succeed.

While the WLC is a group challenge, Pandora meets with each person individually before the challenge begins and then bases your individual goals for the week on your unique situation.  Then each week, she provided us with information concerning diet and exercise that we could adapt to our lives. I could decide what worked best for me.  Throughout the challenge she encouraged us to share the things that worked for us so that we learned from each other as well.

Pandora had us share our successes each week which helped us to focus on the positives and provide support for each other.  We also addressed our problems and shared ways to find success in the future.  I found the whole atmosphere of the challenge supportive. Pandora understands all of the issues, obstacles, insecurities, excuses that we face in our weight loss journey.  Working with someone who has successfully traveled this path is invaluable.

While a 12-week challenge can seem overwhelming,  taking it one week at a time made it easier to make the changes.  I had a goal/task for each week and could focus on what I had to do each day to reach that goal or complete the task for the week.  Taking one day, one week at a time, I was able to complete the challenge keeping my promise to give it my best effort.

How did this person who never loses weight do?  At the end of the 12-weeks, I found myself 28 pounds lighter and feeling much better.  Most importantly, I had changed my life in a way that would allow me to continue my weight loss journey.  I had learned how to adjust my diet so that I reached my calories for the day while making certain I got the nutrients my body needed.  I had learned how to make healthy choices whether eating at home or out a restaurant.  I had learned how to successfully add more exercise in my day while not feeling overwhelmed.  I now had a lifestyle that would allow me to be successful while not feeling deprived or overwhelmed.

In the months following the challenge, I have continued to put into practice what I learned during the challenge and have lost an additional 24 pounds. The weight loss has come a pound or two per week, but has been steady.  I still have a long road before me, but I now feel hopeful that I will reach my weight loss goals.

Pandora believed I could do it, and I did.