Miss Kay

Start Weight: 350 Current Weight: 204 Total: Weight Loss 149lb.

Earning Miss Kay’s trust has been a really big deal to me. The first time I asked her to do a suspension row. She told me flat out “Pandora if I fall you and I are through.” I assured her she could do it and that if she fell she was going to have a soft landing on me because I would be there to catch her. Then I playfully sang “if you fall I will catch you,” to her. In the time I’ve worked with her she has become sort of a surrogate mother figure in my life. I cannot begin to express how happy I am to celebrate her success. Let’s Celebrate Miss Kay! 149lb. of success! 149lb. That is only 16lb. shy of what I weigh! You have almost lost an entire Pandora! I love you. Miss Kay first started working with me in early of 2016. She is a bariatric surgery patient that has incorporated healthier food choices and exercise into her daily life and the results have been astounding! She has participated in two of my 12 week weight loss challenge programs and does One on One Personal Training with me at Wilmington Lady Fitness. Miss Kay’s start weight was 350lb. She has lost a total of 149lb. WAY TO GO MISS KAY! I believe in celebrating the successes in your weight loss journey. Each step to a healthier and happier you is monumental one that should be celebrated. Let’s celebrate Miss Kay! Thank you for allowing me to be part of your Transformation and part of your weight loss journey.

Way to go Miss Kay! 149lb. Of hard work and dedication pays off! \O/

What Miss Kay Says:

I have worked with other trainers before. They never made me feel good about myself. But Pandora is different. She has walked in my shoes, she knows and understands the both the physical and emotional struggles we face with obesity. She understands the discomfort of trying to fit in with people of regular size in a gym setting.

Other trainers have tried to push me to do things that I wasn’t capable of doing, then made me feel bad about myself when I couldn’t meet their expectations. With compassion and flexibility Pandora has taught me the correct form in using weights and preforming exercises. Working with Pandora I know that she always has my back and is always paying attention to what I am capable of. She pushes me to achieve what I can do, and never asks me to do something I can’t do.

I have really bad knees. That makes it very hard for me to stand up or walk for long periods of time. Pandora has always found ways to do most my Personal Training sessions from seated positions. She pays very close attention to my mobility issues and my form, and has never progressed an exercise to something that I wasn’t capable of doing before I was able and ready to do it. Her approach is gentle, kind, and she understands the need for small step progression when dealing with her clients.

Pandora is very attentive to her clients. When she and I first started working together she noticed I had some swelling and pitting of the skin around my ankles. She asked me sweetly if I had ever talked to a doctor about lymphedema or lipedema. She explained she had a friend in the weight loss community that advocated for patients with lymphedema and pointed out that the swelling in my ankles resembled photos she had seen. I had been researching it already, but shortly after our conversation I spoke with my doctor and was diagnosed with lymphedema.

With lymphedema, bad knees sometimes there are days that I just don’t feel up to a lower body workout. Pandora is always ready and willing to change and modify a workout to fit my needs. While there have been times that I was nervous about trying a new exercise, I’ve done them. I have the confidence I can trust Pandora with my exercise routine because she has never let me fall.

Pandora makes me feel comfortable. She makes me feel like I “belong”. She loves me for who I am, whatever weight that I am and I’d highly recommend her services to anyone that struggles with weight or mobility.