Miss Michele

Start Weight: 197 Current Weight: 151 Total: Weight Loss 44lb.

Miss Michele is an great example of how we all make decisions that don’t match our goals, but can bounce right back when we use it as an opportunity to make a better choice next time! Watching Miss Michele gain confidence in herself and learn to allow herself to make a mistake, identify her obstacles and find ways around them has been awesome. Let’s Celebrate Miss Michele! 44lb. of success! 44lb. That is equivalent to the weight of an elephant’s heart! I only tell you this because I love what a big heart you have. Miss Michele first started working with me in April of 2016 She has incorporated healthier food choices and exercise into her daily life and the results have been astounding! Miss Michele has participated in two of my 12 week weight loss challenge programs and my Weight Loss Boot Camp ( Small Group Personal Training Sessions ) at Wilmington Lady Fitness. Miss Michele’s start weight was 197lb. She has lost a total of 44lb. WAY TO GO MISS MICHELE! I believe in celebrating the successes in your weight loss journey. Each step to a healthier and happier you is monumental one that should be celebrated. Let’s celebrate Miss Michele! Thank you for allowing me to be part of your Transformation and part of your weight loss journey.

Way to go Miss Michele! 44lb. Of hard work and dedication pays off! \O/

What Miss Michele Says:

My weight loss journey started almost 50 years ago and reached it’s destination when I met Pandora and lost almost 50 pounds!  

You name it, I’ve done it……I’ve been to Golds, Curves, done aerobics, pilates, and joined a variety of gyms& programs over the years.  I’ve tried multiple diet programs….Diet Center, Medical Weight Loss Center, Weight Watchers (3 times) and more.  I’ve been wrapped, drank slim fast, done Atkins, South Beach, Body for Life….the list goes on and on. 

I’ve had some success.  At times I was very successful.  Until I wasn’t.  None of these programs equipped me to maintain the weight loss for a variety of reasons – I couldn’t stick with the regimen whatever.  I always reached the end and then I’d eventually end right back up at the 200 lb. mark.  But last year this all changed – Pandora became my personal trainer. 

Pandora was different that any other coach or program I’ve ever experienced.  She’s walked the walk.  She’s real.  Pandora combines both diet and exercise – something I had never done both at the same time – or not really as either one or the other was the main focus depending on which program I was currently on.

She helped me make sensible life style changes that got me moving and eating sensibly, drinking enough fluids, getting enough sleep.  And I found myself not on a diet or in an exercise program that would end when I reached my goal – I’ve changed the way I live, think, eat and move which will allow me to be in control of my weight for the rest of my life!  Pandora gave me a tool box with practical applications for weathering life’s storms – things that in the past would have caused me to gain weight.

Pandora saved me from the weight loss yo yo I’ve been on all of my life!  She’s encouraging but she’ll kick your butt.  She doesn’t lay a guilt trip on you.  It was just what I needed!