by Pandora Williams

Have you ever found yourself sitting on the couch (or if you are like me, sitting in front of the computer) trying to muster up the motivation to get your body moving?

You have plenty of excuses why you don’t want to workout. You’ve got other stuff to do. You don’t have enough time. It’s getting late. You’re tired. You’re hungry. You can probably come up with an easy dozen excuses pretty easily.

You are not alone. I can relate. I’ve been there. But now when those days that the couch potato philosophy starts to wheedle it’s way into my mindset, I combat it by making my list of reasons I exercise and checking it twice. Santa would be proud.

Keep your own list of “75 Reasons To Exercise” within easy view throughout your day.  You can use my list or make your own so you can sure that the list of reasons to exercise always outweighs the list of excuses you might come up with in those moments that you need a little extra motivation to get you mentally pumped to get going.

As a professional Weight Loss and Wellness Coach, I often ask my clients to make their own list of reasons that they exercise and keep it handy for just this reason.

Here is my personal list. Why not see how many of the reasons I exercise are reasons you exercise too? Cross out any that don’t apply to you and add your own at the bottom until you have your own list of 75 reasons that YOU exercise.

75 Reasons To Exercise

  1. Because I can!
  2. Because I couldn’t before!
  3. Because I want to be healthy.
  4. Because I feel emotionally connected to my Dad when I do.
  5. Because it allows me time to think and process my feelings.
  6. Because it’s fun!
  7. Because I have goals I want to reach.
  8. Because I told myself I would.
  9. Because it gives me more energy.
  10. Because it makes me feel like I have accomplished something.
  11. Because the only workout I’ve ever regretted is the one I didn’t do.
  12. Because I want to be strong.
  13. Because I want to build more lean muscle.
  14. Because I want toned arms.
  15. Because I want toned legs.
  16. Because I want to make my stomach flatter.
  17. Because I want a stronger core.
  18. Because I really want my butt to look good in those jeans.
  19. Because I really want to look nice in my clothes.
  20. Because I want to maintain the weight loss I’ve accomplished.
  21. Because I still have weight I want to lose.
  22. Because it helps me appreciate my reflection in the mirror.
  23. Because it reminds me how far I have come.
  24. Because I want to live the happy healthy life my Dad wanted for me.
  25. Because I want to live longer.
  26. Because I want to look younger than I am.
  27. Because exercise lowers what I spend on medical care.
  28. Because exercise helps improve cardiovascular fitness.
  29. Because exercise helps improve mobility.
  30. Because exercise helps improve balance and joint movement.
  31. Because exercise helps reduce my risk of diabetes and pre-diabetes.
  32. Because exercise helps reduce my risk of certain forms of cancer.
  33. Because exercise helps boost my metabolism.
  34. Because exercise helps lower my cholesterol.
  35. Because exercise helps boost my immune system.
  36. Because exercise reduces my chances of getting colds, flus and viruses.
  37. Because exercise boosts my brain’s oxygen consumption.
  38. Because exercise helps me think more clearly.
  39. Because exercise helps me think quicker on my feet.
  40. Because exercise helps build bone mass.
  41. Because exercise helps keeps my bones strong.
  42. Because exercise helps boost collagen production.
  43. Because it helps the delivery of nutrients to my skin.
  44. Because exercise helps detoxify and remove poisons from my body.
  45. Because exercise helps increase blood flow and causes my skin to glow.
  46. Because exercise helps reduce the amount of stress hormones in my body.
  47. Because exercise help lower my resting heart rate.
  48. Because exercise helps lower my blood pressure.
  49. Because exercise helps my blood vessels relax.
  50. Because exercise is a natural way for me to relax and de-stress.
  51. Because exercise provides me some quality time with myself.
  52. Because exercise is an natural anti depressant.
  53. Because exercise makes me feel better about myself.
  54. Because exercise enhances psychological fitness.
  55. Because exercise is cheaper than therapy.
  56. Because exercise renews my spirit.
  57. Because exercise produces hormones and endorphins that make my brain happy.
  58. Because exercise boosts serotonin levels keeps me calm.
  59. Because it gets me outside getting a little vitamin D.
  60. Because it helps me cope with emotionally challenging issues.
  61. Because it helps my perceived body image.
  62. Because it gives me more confidence.
  63. Because it improves my sex life.
  64. Because it improves how I handle emotions.
  65. Because it helps improve my relationships.
  66. Because I am proud of myself when I do.
  67. Because it helps me avoid eating junk food.
  68. Because it helps me avoid emotional eating.
  69. Because it helps me avoid boredom eating.
  70. Because it is something I can share with others.
  71. Because my doing so helps motivate others to do so.
  72. Because each new accomplishment is a non scale victory.
  73. Because each time I achieve a new milestone I feel like a rockstar.
  74. Because I am worth the time I invest in me.
  75. Because I deserve the happy healthy life I want to live.

The reasons I choose to exercise might not be the same reasons that you choose to exercise. Some reasons might resonate more with you than others. You might have some reasons all your very own.

No matter what reasons you put on your list, just having the list and knowing what is on it is half the battle. Many times we are armed with an excuse for not exercising. If we just take the time to stop and review the list of reasons that we do exercise, we just might see that many of the reasons we exercise combat the excuses we make not to exercise.

Ready to make fitness fit you now? Me too! Let’s go get our fit on!

This article originally appeared on obesityhelp.com.